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The Cheese Grater Has Made a Comeback

Apple's new $5,999 mac pro is what everyone is calling an expensive cheese grater. These were once massive mac towers that apple had but they disappeared. Now they've made an exclusive comeback.

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What's the reason for the design choice?

The old mac pro had a trash can look that you weren't able to upgrade but this new look makes it so you can add components down the line. The new mac brings back the hole ventilation or more commonly known as the cheese grater look. Up top there is a twist handle to remove the outer shell and there is the option to have the tower stationary or set it on wheels.

A look inside this cheese grater

The basic model will have an eight-core Xeon processor that can be upgraded up to a 28 core, 32gb, Radeon Pro 580X, and 256gb SSD. It features two thunderbolt 3 ports, two USB-A ports and a 3.5mm audio jack. For the price, you might as well custom build your own pc that is way more powerful for a lot less.

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Don't forget the pro display XDR

To go along with the new mac you probably want to dish out a few more thousand bucks to get the apple pro display XDR. This display is the first for a 32 inch retina 6k. The monitor has the same cheese grater look on the backside to match the tower but more so to help with cooling and ventilation. It'll only cost you $4,999 for the monitor but you'll need to add the stand in as that alone cost a separate $1,000.

Should you get the new mac pro along with it's impressive 6k pro display? If you have about $10,000 to spend why not, it'll look good on any desk and be a beast to edit with. If your an average consumer and don't do any professional work but love apple products, it wouldn't help to re-think your options.


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