About Us

Founded in 2015, we are the first innovation ecosystem that integrated venture investments, intellectual resources, media, and innovative products.

RAVV is an advance technology group based at Milpitas California. It focuses on intercontinental high-tech incubation and investments with its investment arm Highway Venture. 

RAVV innovates and rejuvenates products with our four categories of resources.

1. Intellectual Resources

2. Professional Media

3. Innovative Products

4. Venture Investments

RAVV collaborate with Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, CMU, and Stanford labs and incubators to foster innovations for future technologies.

Official Partnership Ceremony with SkyDeck, Eric Sun(Center) President of RAVV, Chon Tang(Left) Founding Partner of SkyDeck Fund, Caroline Winnett(Right) Executive Director of SkyDeck

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide opportunities and resources for innovators to collaborate and design innovative new techs.


Reliable, Disruptive Tech to put a dent into the universe


Action-Oriented, Value-added Investment


Champion Bold Ideas with a Bold Vision


Value-Driven, Deliver Intrinsic Value to Society

Why Us and Why You?

We leverage our resources to ensure our founders win. We only back ventures that exemplify our core values.

We are partners behind entrepreneurs.

Our Process

Founded in 2015, we are the first innovation ecosystem that integrated venture investments, intellectual resources, media, and innovative products.


Founders build great products, we connect you to the right resources to manufacture, sales and grow.


Our investment is value-added only, for we provide consultation on go-to-market strategy and strategic consulting from top experts in the industry.


Our investment size typically around 3 - 5 Million USD to provide financial back


We build an ecosystem that integrates media, education, connections and financial resources, thus we build a community of innovators to create a sense of community.

Our goal here at RAVV is to provide opportunities for creators to collaborate and design new and exciting tech projects. We strive to maintain an ecosystem built on supporting and facilitating growth. RAVV is designed around four pillars: reliability, action, vision, and value. With these ideals in mind, and with our connections and expertise, we have built a platform where companies and ideas can flourish.

Miltechs Inc., our parent organization, is comprised of a diverse group of promising startup companies. Our engineers are working on projects that include augmented and virtual reality software, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles.

Located in Silicon Valley, we offer a variety of services for fellow start-up companies and individuals looking to join our team. Our education system consists of internship opportunities for current college students to gain first-hand experience in a tech start-up environment. RAVV Space is our office space rental program created for start-up companies looking for a place to begin their journey.

Investors in our organization have access to our network of companies and services. Startup companies that join our ecosystem not only benefit from our diverse assortment of investors, but will also gain access to manufacturing opportunities in China, marketing opportunities through our events, and exclusive partnerships with media networks such as Ding Ding TV and ARinChina.

RAVV revolves around fostering innovation and imagination for future technologies. Please get in touch if you would like to join our ecosystem or to learn more about how RAVV can help you.

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