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Our goal here at RAVV is to provide opportunities for creators to collaborate and design new and exciting tech projects. We strive to maintain an ecosystem built on supporting and facilitating growth. RAVV is designed around four pillars: reliability, action, vision, and value. With these ideals in mind, and with our connections and expertise, we have built a platform where companies and ideas can flourish.

Miltechs Inc., our parent organization, is comprised of a diverse group of promising startup companies. Our engineers are working on projects that include augmented and virtual reality software, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles.

Located in Silicon Valley, we offer a variety of services for fellow start-up companies and individuals looking to join our team. Our education system consists of internship opportunities for current college students to gain first-hand experience in a tech start-up environment. RAVV Space is our office space rental program created for start-up companies looking for a place to begin their journey.

Investors in our organization have access to our network of companies and services. Startup companies that join our ecosystem not only benefit from our diverse assortment of investors, but will also gain access to manufacturing opportunities in China, marketing opportunities through our events, and exclusive partnerships with media networks such as Ding Ding TV and ARinChina.

RAVV revolves around fostering innovation and imagination for future technologies. Please get in touch if you would like to join our ecosystem or to learn more about how RAVV can help you.

Professor James F.O'Brien

Consultant to RAVV

Professor James Brien has done research specifically focused on graphics, computer animation, simulations of physical systems, human perception, and the forensic analysis of images and video.

He is in the Computer Science Division of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at the University of Berkeley, California.