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UPS Expands Flight Forward Drone Delivery Service

On Tuesday, UPS received the approval to operate a dorne airline, Flight Forward, giving them lead in the drone delivery business over leading competitors Amazon and Alphabet.

While residential package deliveries are farther in the future, drone deliveries for institutions are on the fast track to becoming a reality. They released a statement saying that they will expand the delivery service to “campus” settings, such as large hospitals and universities.

Scott Price, UPS’ chief strategy and transformation officer said: “We’ll easily get to 20-plus flights per day, per drone,” said. Flight Forward is already delivering blood and tissue samples to Raleigh, North Carolina’s WakeMed’s central laboratory from points around its main hospital campus.

Under the new FAA approval, UPS Flight Forward pilots may now operate multiple drones under one certificate, allowing them to expand their services to the hundreds of college campuses in the country.


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