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RAVV Host Annual ACM Hackathon For 2019

This year's HackACM was held at the University of California Santa Cruz on April 13, 2019. The event started at 9:30am and lasted to 11:30pm. What is HackACM? It is an educational event that encourages students to solve problems using coding. They have up to 12 hours to complete what they create to present to the judges.

UCSC Banana Slug Mascot

The turnout was impressive with about 100 students in attendance all divided into 15 teams.

During the event Ravv's Fund Manager and judge of the competition, Zixuan An gave a detailed entrepreneurship workshop to the students. Zixuan explained about what it is like to be invested in the startup lifestyle and encouraged many with good ideas to look into one day starting their own business. The student's businesses could one day be the next facebook, amazon or even an innovative tech product that many will use.

Ravv Fund Manager: Zixuan An

At the end of the hacking time, teams then pitched their ideas to the judges.

After 12 hours of tough competition and judging, there were 3 teams chosen as winners. The teams were judged on creativity, completeness and improvement.

First Place: Predictive Music

First place went to Predictive Music. They created a database in which you can import music to and according to the music type, the data collected automatically analyzes each syllable by algorithm. It can then calculate the next most likely syllable to complete the score with the highest possibility.

Second Place: Note Narrator

Second place went to Note Narrator. A one man operated team, he developed a code that can analyze various musical symbols by an algorithm and generate a notation that labels each syllable.

Third Place: Slug Search

Third place went to Slug Search. They created a voice assistant that can analyze and help students select a class at their very own UCSC. Using the assistant you can find information about the professor, class type and how many seats are left open.

We thank all the students for participating in the annual hackaton event and much congratulations to the winners. We hope to see the many ideas developed into future businesses and can't wait for next year's HackACM event.


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