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RAVV With a Successful CES 2019

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

CES known as the consumer electronics show is held every year in Las Vegas. Companies large and small come to showcase their latest tech products. Ideas range from smart refrigerators, self serving robots to a futuristic flying helicopter.

This year at CES 2019, RAVV along with partner's Berkeley Skydeck, CMU and MIT Angels held a booth for inspiring incubators.

Before the start of the first day Ravv, founders and managers met over dinner to express their excitement of the days to come.



Teams were exposed to over a million people from all over the world looking to see what will be the next greatest tech hits. CES was a 4 day long expo started from Jan 8th thru Jan 11th. The pitches were held each day at the RAVV booth and the crowd continue to grow as more people came to watch.

The event started off with opening remarks

Zixuan An: RAVV Fund Manager

Chon Tang: Berkeley Skydeck Fund Manager

Ronjon Nag: MIT Fund Manager

Phil Greenwald: Harvard Fund Manager

Caroline Winnett: Executive Director of Berkeley Skydeck

Mary Wong: CMU IEA


Incubation Teams


Source: Skydeck

Kiwi builds robots for food delivery, currently, they are the company in the world that is making more deliveries with robots per day.


Source: Skydeck

SkyAlert was founded with the mission of providing a technological solution to prevent and reduce human and economic losses when an earthquake strikes. SkyAlert's goal is to prepare for resiliency in the face of an earthquake, with proper technology and training, help organizations significantly decrease the number of injuries, fatalities and infrastructure damage seen in the aftermath of an earthquake. SkyAlert lets the user know what level of intensity shaking to expect and how much time they have to prepare.


Source: Skydeck

Focused on the sports and esports market initially, PredictEV is a blockchain-powered social network for fans to share their predictions and earn cryptocurrency.

CoolJamm, Inc.

Source: Skydeck

CoolJamm's goal is to enhance moments with music. SoundsUp, our newest service, is a fully automated music producer that enables aspiring creatives with high quality music and none of the headache.


Source: Skydeck

MONIT is baby tech company which is pursuing healthy growth of baby and relief burden of parenting We are making smart diaper sensing device which distinguish pee and poo separately and gives instant notification to parents so that they can take care of diaper just in time It`s proven to be very helpful to prevent diaper rash, urinary tract infection and even blood poisoning.


Source: Skydeck

Genomelink is a consumer genomics software company helping non-genomics companies personalize their user experience and product with DNA data. We also have a direct to consumer product that helps people form a stronger DNA identity with a number of different traits. Notable investors include 500 Startups, Sony Innovation Fund, The Berkeley Skydeck Accelerator, Digital Garage, and others.

Peanut Robotics

Source: Skydeck

Peanut's robot works with humans to clean commercial spaces as a service. The Peanut robot has an arm and can clean toilets, floors, tubs and can vacuum. Peanut saves businesses 25% on their cleaning.


Source: Skydeck

Technology accelerates exponentially, but our brains remain the same. This leads to a crippling information overload for those trying to get ahead. HUMM is building a consumer-grade wearable device, Edge, backed by leading neuroscience conducted at UCSF. Edge electrically stimulates the brain’s frontal cortex, accelerating your learning and improving multitasking ability.


Source: Skydeck

At MindsDB we are solving the problem of answering predictive questions from your existing database without the need for a data scientist or a machine learning expert. We do this by turning existing databases into predictive tools. Our AI layer sits in between the existing client and the database, which expands the query language so you are able to ask predictive type questions. It automatically does all the work a data scientist would normally do, so you don’t have to.

Z Imaging

Source: Harvard Innovation Lab

Z Imaging develops augmented reality tools for surgery, industry and other high-precision tasks. Z Imaging is currently building products to enhance surgical guidance and industrial manufacturing guidance with augmented reality, as well as a high-precision augmented reality software development kit for developers.

Maker Fleet

Source: Harvard Innovation Lab

MakerFleet is an online factory that connects manufacturing equipment to the cloud, reducing the financial and logistical barrier for anyone trying to innovate with and manufacture physical products.


Source: CMU IEA

TalkMeUp is an AI based software company focused on communication training. Using artificial intelligence, we provide individuals and organizations with on demand, manageable and customized communication training solutions, reducing training expenses by over 90%.


Source: MIT Delta V

Aavia is using IoT and behavior science to empower Birth Control Pill users to take the Pill on time, every time. Our passionate team of engineers, a designer, and an MBA developed a patent-pending IoT device the recognizes count and position of Pills in blister packs and sends reminders to the user’s phone until the user actually takes it. The phone app automatically logs the time of intake and boasts of several features. Over 50% of users do not take the Pill on time, increasing their risk of pregnancy from 0.1% to 9%. Aavia is reducing the associated anxiety and the resulting 1M unintended pregnancies in the US alone each year.


Source: CMU IEA

Processly is an adaptive learning web platform that uses an infinite online whiteboard, making it easy for learners, teachers, and businesses to apply modern teaching methods. We do this by creating a play-space for learners to document, reflect, and communicate within a collaborative environment throughout their learning process. With real-time collaboration, Processly cultivates the creative flow of in-person teamwork whether you are in the same room or halfway across the world. Designed specifically with learners and educators in mind, our platform makes it easier than ever to foster a learner-driven environment adapting to the various modern teaching methodologies being used today.


Source: Skydeck

SoftRides is the AI co-pilot which can run a sophisticated neural network on the edge, to monitor driver behaviors, gaze direction, and emotions. With low infrastructure requirements, SoftRides functions even if the mobile device is offline.


Source: Skydeck

Snipfeed is a news & information recommendation AI-based engine and your go-to for everything that matters to you. It provides daily and highly-personalized snippets for its users engaging them in learning by breaking up original content into short chat messages, GIFs/images and videos & quizzes. After 40 days, the MVP serves 13K daily active users.


Source: MIT Alumni Angels

Brightswitch is a very smart 3-way dimmer with integrated intercom and security system. Running android apps also makes it compatible with many smart home products. Brightswitch simplifies a smart home by putting sensors and controls in easy to use distributed packages. Each Bright controls up to five lights, connects to each other automatically over Wi-Fi, and controls external lights via Z-Wave. Used in smart home configuration, Brightswitch an be controlled by smart hubs and voice interactive interfaces like Alexa. In the home, Bright’s touchscreen can be personalized to match the home decor. Built in automatic learning and schedules provide automatic dimming and lighting throughout the day and night.

Hauoli LLC

Source: CMU IEA

Hauoli revolutionizes user interface by developing innovative mm-level acoustic motion tracking technology. The technology has a broad range of applications including smart home, smart TVs, games, AR, VR, drones, and many more.


Berkeley Skydeck Article

The SkyDeck startups will be showing product demos and pitching their technology from the RAVV booth in Eureka Park. See RAVV booth (Tech West, Sands Expo, Level 1, booth #53130).

“We are thrilled to bring such a broad range of innovative and brilliant companies to CES this year to showcase their extraordinary ideas in front of an international audience,” said Caroline Winnett, Executive Director, Berkeley SkyDeck. “It’s an incredible opportunity to share these amazing solutions that could positively impact our world. Our startups have been working around the clock to prepare to showcase their next-generation ideas on this exciting global stage.”


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