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Shelter in Place Extended, What do we do Now?

The shelter in place order has been now extended to that of May 31st for most of silicon valley. Some business may return to normal working hours but will be required to wear masks and keep 6 feet apart. Some are wondering so what do we do now?

Want to get out for some fresh air, you may need to head to southern California as some of their beaches have opened up. Thousands have already filled the sands but officials say to still keep apart from one another.

Keep exercising in your living room with youtube videos. If you need a friend, have them join you using video chat and do the workout together. You won't be right next to each other but you can still communicate and keep one another in check.

Bart now only runs every 30 minutes and closing at 9pm on saturday and sundays so make sure to not spend a late evening out on the weekends, even with everything closed.

Our elderly are to continue to stay inside and if they must go outside to keep 6 feet apart. The governor has encourage Californians to check in with family, friends and neighbors using social media. Maintaining that social interaction is important for elderly who many feel lonely due to the isolation. There is also a number called the friendship line california, 1-888-670-1360 to call for those who just need someone to talk to no questions asked.

Entertain yourself with Netflix, Hulu and video games. We have another month to go so don't go insane just yet.

Still find joy in your stay at home hobbies from art and crafts to cleaning.

With another month of social distancing and staying at home the world is slowly changing and adapting to living this new way of life.


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