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We Started the Year Bigger and Better at CES 2020

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Ravv has returned for their 4th year at CES! We were bigger and better then before.


Incubation Teams

We had over 15+ teams with us this year from Berkeley Skydeck, Harvard and MIT. Every team had the opportunity to showcase their innovative company to thousands of people ranging from media, small business owners and representatives of the world's leading industry tech companies. Even our very own Ravv Robotics showcased the latest food delivery robot to serve people in restaurants.

Ravv Robotics

RAVV's food delivery robot is equipped with laser navigation and automatic obstacle avoidance system. It is also equipped with a mature AGV chassis which can make various robot functions and appearance designs according to different scenarios. It is a robot product integrating R&D design.


Incubator: Harvard I-Lab

Z-Imaging builds augmented reality tools for surgical guidance. Z-Imaging previous attended ces 2019 with us and have kindly rejoined us again for this year's show.

Monit America

Incubator: Berkeley Skydeck

Monit is a smart care solution company focused on facilitating the healthy life of people in need. Just as Z-Imaging joined us in 2019, Monit has also made a return, this time focusing not only on baby monitoring but elderly care as well.


Incubator: Berkeley Skydeck

Kiwi is improving people's lives with the world's most affordable and accessible delivery service. Since our start in 2017, Kiwibot has made over 30,000 deliveries, built over 150 robots, and is now serving college communities in the top universities around the country.

Traction Health

Incubator: MIT Alumni Angels

Traction Health wants to create a mobile, interactive an accurate data collection platform that will help save lives, prevent injuries and enhance human performance. Their platform utilizes multiple, discrete, wearable sensors networked together, forming a wearable mesh, collecting data on how our body is moving while simultaneously collecting the environmental conditions, creating a continual feedback loop of detection, alert and response.

nScribe Technologies

Incubator: Harvard in Tech

nScribe Technologies uses artificial intelligence to generate text and automate the writing of emails. This helps companies improve relationships with customers and prospects while reducing costs.


Incubator: Berkeley Skydeck

Lucid is a computer vision AI company that has disrupted the 3D and imaging industry by creating new products that enable consumer to create and share immersive media. Using their 3D Fusion technology, their latest product, LucidPix, is a consumer application that helps anyone create 3D photos from any phone. These photos generate 2-3 times more engagement than 2D photos on social platforms which creates lots of opportunities for consumers and brands to take advantage.


Incubator: MIT Alumni Angels

GTcardio is providing "continuous health monitoring' it's the first company to provide continuous wrist-based blood pressure measurement without the need for external calibration.


Incubator: MIT Alumni Angels

Design custom furniture in augmented reality to fit customer needs perfectly.

  • - Pick the model and style

  • - Customize materials, the perfect dimensions and choose hardware options

  • - Custom furniture is delivered in a week!


Tap lets you have your business card information on portable small stickers that you can stick on the back of your phone or wallet so you don't always need to carry cards with you. With the tap of another's phone they instantly have your contact info.


Incubator: MIT Alumni Angels

Boomerang bike is a manufacturer of a bike computer. Their primary purpose is to prevent bike theft. They offer bike security and fleet management.


Incubator: Harvard Innovation Lab

Smoodi is empowering people to build healthy habits via its self-cleaning smoothie machine intended for offices and retail stores. The smoodi machine blends fresh, all natural smoothies that contain only natural ingredients (no purees, concentrates or added sugars) in frozen smoodi pods which are delivered directly to your door.


Incubator: MIT Alumni Angels

2020 Edison award nominee, NASA earth space and air price finalist, Shanghai/Yangpu worldwide startup competition cutting edge award fine and ultrafine particulate matter air pollution sensors. Based on commercially proven MEMS FBAR technology - funded by NASA, NSF, NIH and others.


Incubator: Harvard in Tech

Upgrade your life with cryptographically secure Vivokey implants replace keys, cards, badges, and passwords with a secure chip implant. Easy access with just a wave of your hang.

Concha Labs

Incubator: Berkeley Skydeck

Concha Labs machine learning methodology carefully curates' sentences based on the frequencies of consonants and vowels. It then optimizes your sound profile based on you perception of speech, allowing you to understand every part of every sentence in your conversations.

Enhanced hearing clarity can be programmed through hundreds of settings that are optimized based on the user. Concha labs active machine learning component allows them to surface the most informative comparisons for you to choose from, efficiently creating reliable measurements that can then use to form customized sound profiles.


They are creating an AI friend to oversome negative feelings. People with ADHD have trouble in accessibility for therapist and counselor because it's so expensive. So they can provide 24/7 round the clock communication to a virtual friend that can assist in mental issue.


3drens is a B2B software solution provider. Their product vehicle intelligence platform, is a data driver IoT platform that is designed for commercial fleet owners such as vehicle rental, logistics, transportation, and automakers. They can also provide one-stop service and expand the additional features of the platform to meet your business needs. 3drens is the best partner of your mobility services.


They are building the world's most comprehensive air monitoring and management platform to help you create healthier and safer homes and workplaces.


Thank you to everyone who participated with us!

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