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What is ASMR and Why People Love It

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

If you are new to the term ASMR, it means autonomous sensory meridian response. It is a tingling sensation that is felt on the skin from audio or visual stimulation. There is an unusually good feeling when watching or listening to ASMR. It is very calming and relaxing that some fall asleep to it.

There are a verity of ASMR triggers. Triggers are what cause ASMR to happen to you and for each person it differs. Here are a few listed types.


  • Whispering or talking in a soft voice

  • Eating and crunching of food

  • Cooking food

  • Opening packages

  • Turning the page of a book


  • Crushing of an object

  • Squeezing Slime

  • Dissolving bath bombs

  • Perfectly cutting into an object

  • Glazing a donuts

In a tech review of a wireless speaker, our host ASMR King speaks in a very soft voice that may trigger some of you viewers.

Did you notice yourself feeling calm or start to get sleepy when listening to him? If so this will be your ASMR trigger.

The next video is a visual stimuli using kinetic sand

Have you found that oddly satisfying? Those perfectly cut smooth sand.

ASMR triggers can happen anywhere anytime from listening to watching. Next time you start to feel a tingle you've just experienced ASMR.

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