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What routers to choose when everyone is working from home?

With the recent activities coming to a halt. Sports game cancelled, business and school closures, everyone will be actively staying at home. That means more time online which if you don't have a good enough router and internet speed, it can slow things down.

Before looking at what router you have, first look at your internet package. If you are at a basic level and your starting to experience a lot of lag, you might want to invest in higher internet speeds. It might cost you a bit more monthly but during these times of staying at home your family and roommates will thank you.

Now if you already have strong and fast internet speeds but something doesn't seem right, it could be your router. If you live in a large home and share the internet with others but not everyone has a strong signal, you will need to invest in a router that can reach everyone in each room. Here are some top routers to get.


Tp Link Archer A7

Price: $60

Photo by: Geeky gadgets

With this router you can get up to 1750 mbps high speed internet. For those who do a lot of 4k streaming and gaming it will be of great use. You can connect up to 50 devices, perfect if you have a large family in your home. It also comes with Alexa built in allowing you to control certain things through voice command.

Google Wifi Wireless Router

Price: $299

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Google offers their own wireless router which gives you control over your internet. That includes keeping track of the devices that are using your internet. You can utilize the app to test your internet speeds, block certain devices to prioritizing the bandwidth to certain devices of your choice. It can handle 4k streaming without any problems. Parental controls are also included and you can perform the functions using the app to protect and monitor your children's internet activities.

Netgear Nighthawk AX8

Price: $399

Photo by: Gadget Flow

4k streaming on this router is a piece of cake. This router offer an extended range covering a large standard home. The router can be controlled using an app. The app allows you to view devices connected and to set up parental controls. The router has built in alexa and google assist allowing you to use voice commands to control it. It offer VPN suppport and a strong security to protect your internet.

Now that you have a few options in mind as in what router to choose. It comes down to price and features. If you are on a budget I'd go with a router that is a little cheaper but can still offer fast speeds and a good range. If you want a complete control over your internet along with fast streaming speeds then I'd opt for the more expensive options.


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