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When the stay at home order is lifted, will everything go back to normal?

I'm sure a lot of us are eager to know what really will happen when things start to go back to being what's was considered 'normal' before this all took place.

The news states that they won't be letting everyone out all at once for fears of a huge serge of new patients with COVID-19. They will slowly let cities open up based on the numbers of infected people.

When they start to slowly allow places to open up again, here are somethings that won't look or feel the same.

Everyone will be wearing facemask.

In other foreign countries like in Asia, it is pretty common to see people with a facemask on. As for the US, it is a new fashion trend that we will have to continue getting use to.

Restaurants won't be so crowded.

The silicon valley already is crowed so it is still very odd to see empty roads let alone, desolated restaurants with hardly anyone in them. Restaurants will have to limit the amount of people they let in and tables will have to be at least 6 ft apart from each other. It is interesting in how they will setup groups of family or friends from different households to dine together 6 ft apart on one table.

Schools and universities won't be so densely packed.

In a classroom setting everyone is used to having another desk near them but now they will need to be 6 ft apart.

Large public gatherings like parades, concerts and sporting events still aren't possible.

With the large amount people that attend these events you can see why they won't be permitting these types of things to happen yet.

We will need to continue social distancing and hand washing until the number of those infect drastically decreased or a vaccine is made.

So our daily lives won't go back to normal completely but in time we will get to enjoy what we used to. Keep safe and stay healthy.

#ravv #stayathome #covid19

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