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Will Facebook's New Design Survive or Fail?

In the history of Facebook, there have been four website design changes. Now comes FB5, the newest layout, and perhaps the most dramatic change yet.

The new design plans to place a larger emphasis on Groups and Events, two of the main reasons people log onto Facebook every day, as well as pulling focus away from the News Feed. These changes will update automatically to both the desktop website and the mobile app. Executives at Facebook hope that this update will not only make it easier to navigate for all users but give it a clean, modernized look for the beginning of the new decade. 

Here’s everything new you need to know about the “New Facebook”:

News Feeds and Groups

In one of the biggest changes, the content of Facebook is being rethought in regards to the News Feed. The plan is to emphasize more on groups communities and private interactions, instead of status updates from acquaintances or old friends. Facebook Groups are going to be prioritized to surface content most relevant to the user. 

It’s unclear whether or not the News Feed will be fizzled out in the new update, as some press images still show a stream of status updates. One possibility, however, is that the Groups tab will be prioritized as much as to replace the News Feed entirely. 

White Design 

The wish to modernize Facebook is executed with a white redesign throughout the desktop and mobile apps. The white layout offers a brighter, cleaner, and a contemporary new look for the network. At the F8 2019 conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg can be seen showcasing the all-white look. 

Dark Mode

If an all-white design is not your look, Facebook has given the option for their desktop and iPhone users to go on “dark mode”. While already a popular choice for other applications like Instagram, dark mode will now be available through the Settings icon. 

Facebook began introducing the “New Facebook” to mobile users in late 2019. 

Facebooks began letting desktop users try it beginning in March 2020. 


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