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Zhiyun Weebill Lab. Best Travel Gimbal!

In the market of stabilizers Zhiyun has been the top contender taking lead for a while until others companies started pushing their way in to get a pieces of the action. With dji releasing its new ronin-s gimbal, zhiyun became 2nd place. But, as of recent Zhiyun may have just stole back the title with it's newly released gimbal called the weebill lab. It is a completely different design from it's previous gimbals, making it stand out that much more.

The Zhiyun weebill lab is light weight, small and compact perfect for travel. It's designed with a new look. The motors have changed location so that you will now be able to view the back of your camera screen as the older models blocked you from seeing what you were recording. The tripod legs it comes with have a dual purpose. It is not only for a quick way to put down the gimbal but it acts as a handle for you to capture low angle shots making it so much easier to go from a high angle to low on the ground. You can screw in the tripod legs in the standard location or in the upper position. Zhiyun has stated that the gimbal can now hold up to 6lbs like the previous crane 2. Also added on is the locking joints to make the process quicker in balancing and so the joints don't move around when traveling with.

The zhiyun weebill lab cost $599 for the basic package which comes with a case, the gimbal, camera cords and the tripod legs. It has not been released as of yet but there will be 2 other packages, one which includes the extra accessories and the other a backpack.

A lot of hobby and travel filmmakers have been quick to order the weebill lab.

Order yours today HERE

Photos by Zhiyun


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