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The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show is over, but don’t worry if you missed it! Here’s a quick recap of what went down at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our exhibit was a success! We want to thank our limited partners at SkyDeck for letting us bring a few of their portfolio companies along with us to CES. We had a blast working with Emotive Digital, LucidCam, and Lioness as they demonstrated their products at our RAVV & SkyDeck exhibit. Emotive Digital’s interactive, touch-screen vending machine was a showstopper as attendees played with their facial recognition software and virtual sommelier program. LucidCam’s virtual reality camera fit right in with the rest of the VR and AR developments at CES, and Lioness’ smart vibrator was on every attendee's radar. Thanks to Emotive Digital, LucidCam, and Lioness for all of their hard work, and thanks to all the attendees who stopped by our exhibit.


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