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Our Top 5 Favorite Things From CES 2018

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show happened last week in Las Vegas, Nevada, and our RAVV teammates were there to check it out. CES 2018 is over now, but don’t worry if you missed it! Here are our top five favorite things that we saw at this year’s convention.

Interaxon + Muse VR Headset

We expected the usual virtual reality demonstrations at this year’s convention, but the Muse headset takes VR to a new level. The headset combines the HTC Vive with Interaxon’s brain and cardiac sensors to collect physiological information about your body. This makes the Muse VR headset the world’s first neuroadaptive interface, according to Vive. The creators at Muse developed software that produces art in virtual reality based on your physiological responses. The art created in front of and around you adapts to your body--heart rate, stress-levels, etc.--making virtual reality interact with real, dynamic information.  I know. Totally, undoubtedly, awesome. The creators at Muse hope their headset can be used for therapeutic purposes as virtual reality can provide insight into how you may feel in the moment, as well as providing space to relax and freely create. 

Smart Homes are the Future

CES 2018 was all about smart home products and Koehler had one of the main exhibits guiding the conversation.  Kohler Konnect is a line of smart home products, and their exhibit of an entire smart bathroom blew our minds. With all the Kohler Konnect products in one model room, everyone at CES saw a glimpse into what the future of homes looks likes, or it better terms, what it sounds like. The Kohler Konnect products all have Amazon Alexa built in, meaning virtually all the products are touch-free. You simply say a command like,“pour me 8 ounces of water”, and the Sensate Faucet dispurses just the right amount of water you need. The same goes for the rest of the products in the line. The lights in the Verdera Mirror can be adjusted by command, while the smart toilet, shower, and bathtub adjust to your specific preferences. Not all the Konnect products are available for purchase right now, but Koehler can send you notifications when the products are available.

Google Assistant is Here

CES was covered in Google advertisements promoting Google Assistant products. Whichever way you turned, you saw the words, “Hey Google”, plastered all over the Las Vegas strip, and they had one of the busiest exhibits. At both the Sands Expo and at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Google made their presence known with a giant gumball machine accompanied by a Google assistant display. Attendees were allowed to drop a gigantic coin into the machine, ask Google one of the pre-selected questions on the display screen, and wait for a gumball with a mystery prize to drop. The prizes varied from Google beanies, Google Home Minis, $100 gift cards, and more. CES went nuts over this exhibit as it took about an hour wait-time just to get a chance to win a prize. But you've got to give it to them. A giant gumball machine full of free stuff? Genius.

All About TV

The Las Vegas Convention Center was all about TVs. Right as we entered, LG’s grand TV walkway welcomed us inside. LG’s exhibit featured a curved walkway in between two walls entirely made up of TV screens. The screens all displayed parts of a scene to transport attendees from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and other natural places that projected beautifully on the HD TVs. The walkway was definitely an unforgettable aspect to LG’s exhibit which aptly showcased how far they’ve come with their TV displays and resolutions. 

Fitness Gets the VR Upgrade

With virtual reality, fitness will never be the same. VR is one of the hottest trends at the moment, and everyone is scrambling to figure out how to bring it into the mainstream spotlight. At this year’s CES, we saw a lot of new VR programs and software. Whether it’s used to play a game of golf or to facilitate physical therapy, CES was all about expanding the potential of augmented and virtual reality. One company leading us into the future of VR fitness is Black Box VR. Their exhibit featured a virtual reality fitness experience which brings the workout to you. Their VR software transforms any room in your house into a virtual gym. Visit their website to learn more about how their product works.

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