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RAVV College Tour: UCSB & UCSC

RAVV hosted an AR/VR Workshop at UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz. The workshop featured a brief history on the development of virtual and augmented reality. After, students were able to view demonstrations and test out RAVV’s AR app, RAVVAR.

On Wednesday, November 8, our team partnered with Coders SB to host our first RAVVAR workshop where a student volunteer was able to manipulate a photo of Justin Bieber. By adhering to the app's instructions, the student programmed a virtual image of Ryan Gosling to appear over Bieber's photo when scanned, delighting attendees who came with a preference for the Hollywood heartthrob.

On Wednesday, November 15, RAVV partnered with The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) to present another Ravvar tutorial to the students of UC Santa Cruz. A student volunteer created the same RAVVAR project produced at the UCSB event. After, our RAVV team provided a resume and interview workshop to prepare students applying for internships in the upcoming year. Our team presented resume tips and various types of interview questions students may encounter.

UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz were the first two stops on our RAVV College Tour. Thank you to both universities for allowing our RAVV team to visit. RAVV will partner with ACM and Coders SB again to host more Ravvar tutorial workshops at different universities in the future.


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