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RAVV, Inc. & SkyDeck Partnership Ceremony

RAVV has partnered with Skydeck to help fund their promising portfolio companies in the Silicon Valley area.

On Monday, January 8th, RAVV's President, Eric Sun, met with SkyDeck's executive director, Caroline Winnett, and fund manager, Chon Tang, to finalize a partnership in a formal ceremony held at SkyDeck’s headquarters in Berkeley, California.

SkyDeck is UC Berkeley’s highly esteemed tech-startup accelerator, and now we have the privilege of working with them.

The partnership involves RAVV’s one million dollar investment into SkyDeck’s Funding program. With RAVV’s donation, Skydeck can distribute our investment to accelerate future tech-startup companies accepted into SkyDeck’s program.

Once accepted into the program, portfolio companies can be sent to RAVV for further review. RAVV will then have the opportunity to invest more resources into these portfolio companies to help bring their visions to fruition.


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