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10 Black Friday Tech Deals!

After stuffing your bellies full with a nice warm thanksgiving meal its then time to head out to the stores as black Friday starts from Thursday. Here is a guide to some of the best deals on tech and where to get them.

$19.99 Alexa at Best Buy or Target

Amazon Alexa has made her way into many homes. She not only keeps track of your latest amazon orders but she is paired with other devices to voice control your lights and thermal stats. She can answer a range of question, play your favorite Spotify playlist or even sing you a song herself. A nice gift for those wanting to make their home a little more technology involved.

$199.99 PS4 Spider Man or Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle at Most Retail Stores

Both gaming counsels cost the same price making it not difficult to choose between which you prefer. One game comes with the unit and they hold 1TB memory.

$17.99 God of War at Gamestop

Along with the ps4 bundle some of the top games that have been released this year, you can now get at an amazing low price. God of war has been rated a top game for its incredible graphics and not to mention the last game was released back on the playstation 3. Fan excitedly awaited the release but now you can get it for a low price this black Friday at gamestop.

$27.99 Assassins Creed Odyssey at Gamestop

For any assassins creed fan to add to their collection, odyssey has the largest open world map in the series with tons of side quest to do along with the main story. You can also add on the season pass which will have incredible to be released content such as 2 added story quest, an extra mission and assassins creed 3 remastered. Find this low deal at gamestop.

$29.99 Spyro Reignited Trilogy at Gamestop

A classic game of the loveable spyro series now remade with detailed textures and fluid character animations. This game you will want to get for those who really loved playing spyro. Recently released but you save $10 if you pick it up at gamestop as the original retail price is set at $39.99.

$10.99 Energizer Power Bank at Fry's Electronics

Everyone needs a portable charger these days as our electronics are apart of our life and if the batteries on them die, we tend to lose function. The energizer power bank has two usb slots for dual charge. It holds 10000mAh of power enough for an average consumer to charge their smart phone.

$89.99 Zhiyun Smooth 4 at Fry's Electronics

With phones having advance a lot these days, you can create lasting films right on your phone and share them to your social media. The zhiyun smooth 4 is a gimbal to help stabilize your footage when filming with your phone. The gimbal also has some advance features such as vertical mode for zooming in or out when moving forward for a unique look. A great gift for those wanting to take their phone videography to the next level.

$399.99 Canon Rebel T6 Bundle at Target

New to photography and looking for an entry level camera? Get yourself the canon rebel t6. The canon cameras have been excellent with both photos and videos. This bundle in particular comes with 2 lenses an 18-55mm and a 75-300mm. You've got your standard focal length lens and a great zoom lens if you need to capture far distances such as wild life or your kid's music concert. It also comes with a bag so you can fit everything you need in one place and take it with you everywhere.

$49.99 My Passport Ultra 2TB at Fry's Electronics

Backing up files couldn't come at a cheaper cost. The passport ultra portable hard drive is at an extremely low price and with the storage capacity of 2TB. If you have large files that need storage this is must have especial those that film 4k footage.

$179.99 Voyager Electric Scooter at Fry's Electronics

You may have seen these scooters around in some cities with the release of the apps such as bird or lime. You can now own one of your own and scooter around without having to worry about the time limit on how much you are spending.

With that we have 10 tech deals for black friday.

Photos by BestBuy and Sony Interactive Entertainment


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