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Use This To Find Lost Keys

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

As with all of our videos, we first pick an item under a certain amount to do a surprise review. The budget of choice was under $20.

Having lost your keys or cell phone can make us very panicky as those two specific items are part of our everyday lives. We solved that problem by trying out a keyfinder. There was no special branding to the product as it had the name key finder.

The plastic is somewhat sturdy but feels very cheap. Batteries come with the product for each of the 6 key finders and the remote to locate them. The remote comes with a stand for easier location if you need to find it to locate your lost items.

On initial opening of the item, the batteries are not installed and you will have to put them in yourself. The key finders have their own plastic key you can use to open the battery compartment.

Photo by: Amazon

How the key finders works is that they make a beeping sound that can be heard from over 30 feet away. There is also a blinking red light on the key finders that activate along with the sound. The distance the remote works with the key finders in what we found is quite far in distance.

Overall we do not recommend this product. If the batteries die and it is attached to your lost item, you won't be able to find it using the remote. If the remote battery dies the outcome will be the same in that you won't be able to use it to locate any lost items.



Bailey H
Bailey H
Jul 31, 2022

Thanks for writiing this


Is this device useful for locksmith experts also?


I asked a locksmith about it and he told me that these devices won't work in real at all.


Thanks i will use it to find the keys and hire a locksmith to help me out with it.

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