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Mini Vacuum that Cleans Wet Services?

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Here at Ravv we started a new youtube series where we review tech products but the host doesn't know what the item is. It is more of a surprise when they review the product. We choose each product based under a certain budget limit such as $10, $20 or even $40.

For this review our product of choice was under $10 and we choose to try out the copper chef crumby mini vacuum.

The vacuum is good for cleaning up small objects such as crumbs, eraser shavings, glitter or shredded pieces of paper. Nothing larger than 1 inch. Perfect to have on your desk or kitchen counter for a quick clean up.

We did a test on if this mini vacuum could clean up water as in the booklet descriptions it did mention that the suction could pick up ice melt. The results were mixed as initially the vacuum was successful but the electrical components could have been fried due to the liquid getting into the wires. We have since tried the vacuum and it still works once the water was dried out but we do not recommend to clean up wet services.

You can pick up your own Copper Chef Crumby Mini Vacuum here.


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