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Largest Lens For Your Smart Phone

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

With our smart phones becoming so advanced who needs to carry around a camera anymore. All you need to increase your phone's lens range is getting yourself a set of these lens attachments. It's called the Tack Zoom Len's Kit which comes with 3 choice of lenses and 2 clips. There is a wide angle, fisheye and a zoom lens.

We tested each lens out and to our surprise they work nicely if you do some minor adjustments. For all the lenses you will need to digitally zoom in on your phone as you will see heavy vignetting on the sides. You will also see some weird shaking which may be caused by the camera trying to auto focus because of the lens being in front it of it. On the zoom lens there is a focus ring to help you choose what you want to focus on.

To make these lenses work best you may want to invest in a cell phone case which has a built in lens adapter. The clips that come with the kit are not very useful as they can scratch up your phone's surface if not careful.


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