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4 Awesome Tech Backpacks

With the holidays nearing and you're starting to think up ideas on what to get your family, friends and coworkers. If they are a tech bunch get them some cool backpack that will keep their electronics charged and their brain powered snacks handy.

Solar Powered Backpack

Photo by Amazon

This backpack is solar powered so you can charge your devices using the sun. It can store a 15 inch laptop along with a tablet and some books. A great gift for those who spend a lot of time out in the sun for a walk to the park or a short hike. Pick up a solar backpack HERE.

AMPL Charging Backpack

Photo by HiConsumption

The AMPL backpack is a bag that has a built in battery for portable charging. In every zipper compartment there is a usb port to charge anything you will need it to. If you want more power you can swap the battery itself for a larger one to get a faster charge for your phones and laptops. This backpack has various zipper compartments to store the many items you need on your journey. There is also an app in which AMPL designed so that you can control the amount of charge and it will detect where your bag is if you happen to lose it. Find out more about the AMPL smart backpack HERE.

Bluetooth Speaker Backpack

Photo by Amazon

Having a hard time deciding between getting a speaker or a bag, combine them both with a blue tooth speaker backpack. For family or friends who can't get enough of their tunes, this bag will be perfect for them. The speaker last over 8 hours and also has a built in battery bank to keep it running but it also acts as a charger for your phone. Pick one up HERE.

Lightup Backpack

Photo by Indiegogo

Show off with this backpack where you can customize the image with led lights. Not only still images but bring it to life with animations. Pix is a backpack where you control what to showcase on your backside through an app. The app provides image and animation built in or you can create your own. Even leave a secret message to display on your bag for others to see. If you feel your family or friend would love this click HERE to find out more.


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