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Apple HomePods Are Here

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Apple has finally announced a release date for their HomePod. The Apple Homepod is available for purchase on February 9th and its available for pre-order on January 26th.

Originally Apple planned for the spreaker to be ready for purchase by  last Christmas, but they encountered a few delays. Apple faces competition from Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, and more. But the HomePod is not meant to compete with Amazon and Google just yet.

The main focus of this speaker is just that; it's a great quality home speaker with some intelligence features. Apple will surely come out with an Alexa equivalent but for now the speaker works best with Apple music. But if you are a Spotify user, there is no available information on if Spotify can be accessed throught the homepod.

The speaker has a four-inch upward-facing subwoofer and an Apple A8 chip. It also features “spatial awareness,” to automatically tune the sound to the space that the speaker is in. You'll be able to blast music at the perfect level in any room you choose. Setup is similar to the airpods, hold your iPhone (5s or higher) next to the speaker and it will automatically sync.

Though HomePod Siri is not capable of many things like Alexa or Google, she can still help with day-to-day actions, like weather, time, news and traffic.

The smart speaker will be on sale for $349. If you are an Apple product junkie, this speaker is for you, but if you are looking for a smart fun speaker, try the Alexa or Google home.

Photos by Apple


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