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A Traveler's Worst Enemy, Flight Delays.

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Planning a vacation can be stressful, but oh so exciting. Flying is just as stressful. You spend so much time and effort packing everything, getting to the airport on time and stuffing everything else that couldn't fit in your luggage somehow into you carry-on. But the real cherry on top is when you're waiting in the terminal and all of a sudden you get a notification that your flight has been delayed.

Well now Google can predict when a flight is going to be delayed even before the airline sends a notification. Google announced an update where flight delay predictions will be based on historic flight data and machine learning algorithms. The predictions will only be posted if the computer is 80 percent sure. Imagine if this truly works and how much time people will save. It would make for a lot less angry customers. But it would also be a helpful tool. Hopefully the algorithms used can perform successfully.

Not only will Google’s update give you delay information, but will also help travelers on a budget. The update will also give you information about cheap flights and restrictions for certain airlines. This feature promises to be as transparent as possible so you are aware of all restrictions and fees out there.

The Google flight update will be out Wednesday.

Photos by Google


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