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Snapchat Launches Bitmoji Deluxe

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

The popular company behind your favorite social media app just announced the launch of Bitmoji Deluxe.

Snapchat posted an announcement to reveal the new and improved Bitmoji app. Bitmoji Deluxe comes with a new style that allows you to customize your Bitmoji in hundreds of new ways.

The new style, compared to the Classic and “Bitstrip” style, is Snapchat’s response to user feedback about the customization of Bitmojis. Bitmoji Deluxe is intended to give you endless opportunities to create an authentic, personalized, true-to-life, Bitmoji avatar.

The updated Bitmoji will feature new hairstyles, skin tones, and facial features to give you the chance to create a Bitmoji avatar that accurately represents you. There are even more “eyebrow and nose” options for you to pick and choose from, so you never have to settle for a close resemblance again. Kudos to you, Snapchat.

You do not have to redesign your Bitmoji if you're happy with the way your avatar currently looks. The Classic and Bitstrip styles will still be available to use, so don't worry about losing all the hard work that went into creating your mini-me.

Bitmoji Deluxe is available to download from your mobile app store today. If you already have Bitmoji downloaded onto your smart device, simply update the app and start creating!

Photo by Snapchat


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