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What's Trending: Google Arts and Culture

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

If you’ve been on social media within the last 24 hours, then you’ve probably seen one of your friends post about Google Arts and Culture. It’s an app that’s trending all over the place and here’s why.

The app, which is free and downloadable from your mobile app store, is made for art lovers all over the world. You can swipe through Google’s entire catalog of art and explore through Google’s selection of videos, collections, and other educational resources. You can even open the app to find local art museums in your neighborhood.

I know, it sounds like an app for hipsters. For actual art connoisseurs, Google Arts and Culture is an app for the greater good of humanity, but right now it’s trending for a much different reason. This is why we can't have nice things.

The app comes with a “Is your Portrait in a Museum?” function which lets users take a selfie while Google scans through their entire catalog of artwork to find portraits similar to the selfie you took.

That’s all. No tricks or gimmicks; just straight-up art and the possibility of finding yourself, either through an accurate resemblance or a not-so-flattering comparison.

And whether you use the “Is your Portrait in a Museum?” feature for laughs or out of curiosity, it definitely makes for a fun moment alone or with your friends. Roast your loved ones and try it out as a group, or find out if you’ve been a work of art your whole life (hint: you are and have always been. Work it, Mona Lisa!).

Download the Google Arts and Culture app today!

Photos by Google Arts and Play App


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