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Why You Need The New OnePlus 6T

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Released early this year was the OnePlus 6 but as of recent the OnePlus 6T is now ready to be owned. With the smart phone market already saturated with newly released devices, how does the OnePlus 6T stack up to the other top brands? Find out below.


Affordable? You bet. The OnePlus 6T is at a low of $549. It is the cheapest compared to the new iPhone XR and the google pixel 3.

Tiny Notch Design

The notch design is one that is unique and really small, shaped similar to that of a pear. It fits the front facing camera and that is about all it needs. The speakers have moved to the top of the phone itself. With such a tiny notch, screen size has increased making room for more notifications to appear.

Finger Sensor

Other smartphones feature a finger senor usually near the forward facing camera but for the 6T, it is the first to ever create an in-display sensor. You would place your finger on the indicated button on the display to unlock your phone. A really cool feature in making the OnePlus 6T stand out.


Underneath the fancy gorilla glass lies a snapdragon processor with an 8gb ram and a 256 storage along with larger battery.

Few Cons

There are a few cons to the OnePlus 6T but even so not every phone is a perfect 100%. Even Samsung and iPhone have flaws that users may not like. It all depends on your personal experience and what you want to gain most from using the phone.

- No headphone jack. Due to the finger sensor and larger battery, the company opted to take out the headphone jack. The phone does include an adapter so you don't have to go out and purchase one.

- No wireless charging. In 2018 wireless charging has become a staple in the new smart phones so that maybe a thing so users will miss when getting this phone.

In conclusion the OnePlus 6T is another great smartphone that is way more budget friendly then the cell phones that you are used to seeing.

Photos by Androidguys and Trustedreviews


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